• Guests using the services of "Molonówka" Guest House are asked to abide by the provisions of these regulations, health and safety and fire regulations, and to follow the requests of the hosts in exceptional circumstances.

• The payment for the stay and the tourist tax are collected on the day of arrival.

• Guests are required to check in immediately upon arrival at the owner's property. In order to confirm the identity, the Guest is required to present a document with a photo (Act of April 10, 1974 on the population records and identity cards, Journal of Laws of 2001, No. 87, item 960)

We do not provide third parties with any information about the personal data of registered guests of our facility. However, we are obliged to report each guest. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

• The day of stay is valid from 15:00 on the day of arrival, until 10:00 on the day of departure.

• In the event of an earlier departure than the date booked by you, for reasons beyond our control, the amount charged for the stay is not refundable.

• Parking is free, unguarded. We are not responsible for the vehicles or the property left in them.

• Please be advised that we are not responsible for the Guest's property left in the room.

• There is a curfew in the facility lasting from 22: 00-6: 00.

• Persons under the age of 18 staying on the premises must be under the care of an adult at all times.

• Each of you receives, along with the key to the room / house, also the keys to the gate and the main entrance to the guest house - please secure the property after entry or exit (the entrance gate is closed at 22:00 and opened at 7:00). We can provide the key to gates in these hours, if requested by the Guest. 

• Guests are fully financially responsible for any damage or destruction of equipment, technical devices, loss of a set of keys (PLN 80). For any damage detected after leaving the room / house, the Guests will be charged.

• Please do not use any household appliances, heaters, gas appliances, instruments or apparatuses supplying electricity, which are not fixed equipment. This does not apply to chargers and power supplies for RTV and computer devices, as well as electric shavers. We provide a single-position electric induction hot plate with the reservation not to use it for frying purposes!

• Please turn off the lights or other devices after leaving the room / house.

• Please notify the hosts of any damage immediately after it is discovered and not to carry out any repairs yourself. We reserve the right to enter the room in the absence of guests in the event of a breakdown or other random events.

• Smoking in the rooms / cottage is prohibited. The designated area is located in front of the entrance to the building or terrace exits. The owners of the facility may refuse to continue providing services to persons who violate this rule without refunding the entire amount for the stay.

• Please do not enter the room / cottage in ski boots.

• Please do not accept or invite people who are not guests of the facility.

• People who do not comply with the above regulations will be required to leave the facility without refund

Additional information

• Please segregate waste in the manner indicated by us. Additional rubbish bags, toilet paper, cleaning products, a first aid kit are available in a designated area on the ground floor of the guest house.

• Bikes, prams and other similar vehicles should be stored our designated room.

• We provide laundry facilities for our guests, however, we kindly ask you to inform us first. We can also provide an iron and ironing board upon request.

• Personal belongings left by the departing Guest will be sent back at the Guest's expense to the address provided. If we do not receive such an instruction, these items will be stored for 7 days.

• We provide services in accordance with their category (guest rooms, private accommodation). In the event of complaints regarding our services, the Guest is asked to report them no later than one day after the check-in date, complaints submitted on the check-out date will not be considered.

• At the same time, we would like to inform you that we are not responsible for any inconvenience caused by reasons beyond our control, such as power, gas, water, Internet outages, as well as damages caused by weather conditions.

• Regulations and additional information are available on the "Molonówka" Guest House website and on the notice board in the main building.

• Payment of the deposit is tantamount to acceptance of the regulations.